Woodpecker ( Great Spotted Woodpecker ) < Dendrocopos major>
distribution: In Japan it is distributed from Hokkaido to main island, but among Seinan Japan it is little, to be many almost
it is the resident bird north Chubu district. Feature: As for total length approximately 23cm. The hypogastrium the rear end
to be red with the male the vertex to be black just the occiput is red distantly. The female the occiput is black. You distinguish
by the fact that the Big Great spotted woodpecker size and over are red, is not the facula of the opposite eight letters to the back.
Mode of life: With the lonely bird, there is many a thing which is independent,but you happen to see with the occasionally male female 2 feather.
he winter enters into the mixed group of the colors often.It disperses with the territory where about the diameter 200m is wide.